Sound Check - Get A Sound Check Evaluation of Your Studio

We will give you information about the quality of audio recording regarding the following criteria as well as possible solutions for improvement -

Noise floor     - what is the level of noise in your recording when not speaking - hiss/digital noise/hum 

Audio Levels    -are you recording at the correct level - too low /clippping?
Mic technique  - are you too far from your mic or do you move while speaking?
Acoustics        - is your recording space helping or hurting your audio quality?
Processing (if used)- is your gate clipping words or are you over compressing / are you using processing correctly? 
Requirements for audio samples-

List your audio equipment, record location (vocal booth, closet, open room), treatment type on walls, computer model and recording software.  You can include this info in a text file with your audio file(s), zipped (archived) together or in the email. 
For audio delivery name your files with your name and if it is Dry (no effects) or Processed (with effects)   Like this - earlhall_dry   or   earlhall_processed.
Files must be Mono 1 minute of audio - MP3 128 kbps or higer, AIFF, or WAV (16bit or higher 44.1 or higher)
Deliver two files if you use processing.  One file is your DRY VOICE ONLY, no music or effects added, the second file is FULLY PROCESSED the way you would deliver to a client with effects but no music.

No longer than 60 seconds per sample (unless otherwise requested)
Ten-20 seconds of room tone at the beginning and end of the read, just recording the air. Please step out of your recording space for this.



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