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I have to give a huge shout out to Earl Hall! Since joining your group and watching your webinars and lives as much as possible, you gave me the confidence to get out there and BE a professional. Just landed a $2,000 gig for a yoga mobile app. 😱😃

-Susan McGurl

Earl Hall has been the go to guy when it comes to the Voice Over industry for me. He has done an absolutely wonderful job at helping those of us who will do the work to become successful. I can say after just one year of following Earl Hall I am truly succeeding. Thanks Earl!

-Raymound Shinault Jr.

Earl has taken many from start to amazing points in their VO careers. Earl Hall Studio has taken me on a wonderful journey of voice over demo creation. My first commercial demo had more than 6 gigs in less that 4 hours. My next demo, a character demo, won me jobs that I can directly attribute to it.

But, this latest video game demo came out award winning! From the copy, to the coaching during my performance, to the painstaking details Earl himself put into the production and his customer service we're all deserving of 6 stars (but they only allow 5). Got my first good gig within a few hours of getting my demo. It's hard to top.

This latest production puts Earl Hall Studio in serious competition with the big boys, but at a fraction of the price. For us VO artists just trying to get our start, there really is no better way to invest your money than in #YourBestDemo with Earl Hall Studio with its #GrindAndDontQuit attitude.

This is not a paid endorsement, nor a trade off. There is so much more to this story than can be told (NDA's), but I am glad that I chose Earl to help me along in my VO journey. Couldn't have gotten this far without him and Earl Hall Studio.

-Thomas Machin

Earl is a wonderful teacher, and his giving spirit helps others succeed as he succeeds. He does great work in the studio as a voa himself, and producing work for his clients. Working with EHS is a win-win for all!

-Andrea Daniel

Earl Hall you are a gods gift to new voiceover artists such as myself. I would have been lost with out all of the content that you provide. I can only speak for myself but with what you have shared in your knowledge has enabled me to be able to actually JUST DO IT.  I can say that i personally have implemented A LOT of what you have shown. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

-Robert Caruso

(Earl) You may be happy to offer it free but many don't take free seriously. They do not expect quality or authority from free. It feels small time and doesn't demand respect. Silly I know, but perception is huge. The other big part of it is that many need to be  physically coached threw it. They need someone who can get real with them, hold them accountable and call then out on their stories... Most dabble because they do not feel they have the permission, right or ability to be awesome. That's why you hear of people who are not super talented who are super successful. They decided they wanted it and that they were willing to do the work to get them. Work will always take you farther than talent. I hear your rant I feel your frustration. And I recognize your value. Thank you for working to make this world better even for the 1% who choose to participate.

-Lela Rhodes

Super thrilled to have just accepted my largest book contract yet for a new novel called, “Son of Influence” by Erik Lewin.

Made almost $1000 Over the last 2 days. Pretty awesome! 

Thank you Earl Hall as always for your training.

-Anthony Pica

 Earl Hall is the man when it comes to starting, building, and growing your VO business. That is his forte and it’s actually needed in this changing industry because so many other VO coaches aren’t even up to speed on the business end. 

You can get on board with Earl Hall and build a real business with high-end clientele.

-Scott Walton

Earl taught me the value of ongoing email marketing via Mailshake....
My voiceover revenue has doubled as a result and I continue to receive queries from potential clients I e-mailed more than a year ago.... Earl is the man when it comes to marketing your business! Thanks Earl!

-Steve McNamara


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