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Hi good morning everyone thanks so much for tuning in today to in The Booth with Earl Hall, man this is really, really exciting for me to be able to do this podcast the way that I am doing it now. If you are already in the chat room go ahead and give me a hey what's up in there and let me know that you are in the place to be. I definitely want to, oh look at that I forgot to turn off my cell phone and so of course now it's ringing so let's go ahead and turn that bad boy off. 


This is the first day that I am doing this live this way 10 a.m. Central Standard Time, and I just want to welcome everybody in hey Diana glad to see you in the house, oh man right here on Steps to Voiceover Again you know those of you that are going to be tuning in this brand new way that I am going to be doing this podcast, and I think that it's going to be a game-changer. 


I know that audio is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, it's a way for you guys to possibly listen to what I have to say and kind of do some other things as opposed to having to you know feel like you have to watch me on screen. Now don't be scared because I am still going to be doing YouTube videos but there are going to be videos where I am going to be doing some teaching and some training and things of that nature. Hey Thomas I see you in the chat room thanks for being here buddy most definitely appreciate that.


For all of you folks that are in and that are coming in and that are tuning in, go ahead and hit that heart I want to see some hearts there I would definitely, definitely appreciate that. So once again guys I mean thanks so much for following me here and for just you know being willing to do something a bit different. I know that audio is going to be the thing that is going just explode and it already is.


You folks that follow me and that follow the podcast do you know that you can hear me on iTunes and you can hear me on Google Play, and you know obviously right here at Steps to Voiceover Success you can see all of the previous shows that I will be doing right here on this player right below what you are listening to now. Steps to Voiceover is the place to go. 


Now this audio is going to be published over on YouTube so you can always see me on YouTube there, and probably some of the folks that may get this later when they see it pop up in my YouTube feed, that haven't already watch the previous videos and gotten the instructions and all the stuff like that they will catch the hint and this is where I am going to be from now on. 


This show In The Booth With Earl Hall is all about you the voice over artist that is looking start Build and Grow a successful voice-over career, this is the only reason that we are here and is to help you guys do that. So once again all of you guys coming in who just tuning in go ahead to the chat area, go ahead and click on that little chat bubble that's probably giggling at you in the player there, click on that and just put in a comment and let me know that you are here so that I can say hi to you and what's up and all of that good stuff. 


And also don't forget to tick that heart it's extremely important for that but anyway today we're going to be talking about your mindset, it's something that is coming up more and more frequently in the daily coaching calls that I come up that, that are scheduled with me from all of the folks that are involved in an evitable emerging results as well as you know voice over domination. 


This thing about sales and marketing and the mindset of it let me just say some of you guys have really, really been diked all of us have it's not just some it's all of us have. Over the past decade where internet marketers have come in and kind of giving us all, it's in the back of our mind that you know what if I do something it's going to be able to explode in the next 30 days, it's going to be able to just take off and I am going to be able to quit my job and I am going to be a millionaire and I am just going to have more work than I can deal with. 


And as I recall I remember having that mindset when the [unclear 4:49] came out do you remember that I remember that mindset I thought that I was going to sign up on and voices one 2 3, and man I was just going to kill it and I was going to crush it. Yes, that didn't happen and hasn't happened like that probably for any of you either. 


And so the main thing that I really, really need to get across to everyone that I have been talking to and some of you folks that even aren't you know current members of Steps to Voiceover Success, which by the way you want to make sure that you go over there and get your membership and you can get it for free. And if you want to sign up for different coaching programs and trainings that I have you can do that but a lot is about to happen right on the website right now, steps to Voiceover 


More blogs are about to be written and I am about to go in depth into some training in print format or on a blog, and basically I am going to be hiring some additional people to do some things as far as content goes, with the content that I have already produced and the content that I will be producing. And coming up in the next couple of days this piece on the mindset that you need to have I really, really want to dig into. 


And now let me just say this I understand what it is to feel like you are stuck struggling and you just can't grow, I know what that feels like. And because of the era that we live in and the things that we see online all of the time and having this mindset, look if I haven't made it yet there must be something wrong with me. Let me just dispel the myth there is nothing wrong with you it's just a change of mindset that needs to occur. 


And there has got to be a whole lot more patience that's involved with what's going on with what you are trying to build in your voice over career. And you heard me talk yesterday about look you don't want to go into social media and look like a beggar and that's what so many of us look like we look like beggars. Hey come on over here I have got the best voice-over service and I have got the fastest delivery and I have got the cheapest prices, and I can do it all I can do all that you need I can take care of it and go ahead and hire me to do that. 


That is such a freaking turn off I can't even tell you how much of a turn of that actually is but it is an extraordinary turn off. To be someone that is on social media and I am talking about in the eyes of your potential clients even to a certain extent some voice-over artists that are out there. I know that there is a bunch of competition and I know that you know you are competing with you know folks all over the world that you know overseas or whatever that are charging really, really lowprices and you don't feel like you can compete with that. 


So let's work on our mindset with this, I talk yesterday about the mindset that you are to have and I think that it was really, really clear, in the statement that I've said you have got to be on here giving as opposed to looking to get, the more that you give I believe that it's going to well I know I believe and I know that the more you are going to get back. 


And it is kind of like you know I listen to Gary Vaynerchuk a lot and if you haven't followed or you don't listen to Gary Vaynerchuk just Google his named Gary Vaynerchuk. Very, very no-nonsense guy when it comes to internet marketing I have learned a ton from him. And he talks about the 51 49, 51 49 meaning that you have got to give 51% and expect 49% you have got to be willing to give more than what you are expecting to get. 


Your clients have to be the most important thing and they have got to know it, and they start knowing that before you make the sale your clients know who you are before you make the sale. I talked about a strategy and I am going to go in depth with that on this weekend in regards to how it is that I think we should use sites in particular like LinkedIn, for the folks that are involved in an evitable emerging result and as well as the folks that are involved in The Voiceover Domination. 


The class that is coming Saturday is at 11 a.m. Central and it's all about building your business marketing and doing what needs to be done in order to get the client utilizing social media. Once again I am going to take a little break here but before I go to the break I just want to say that if you are in the house go ahead and put in a comment and I would definitely, definitely like to hear from you in regards to that and we will go ahead and do that I am going to take a little break here. 


Okay I didn't set that up appropriately so now I have got to go back and do it again, I am going to get this and this is so much more super easy then the other stuff that I have done. And let me just go here and hey on the Fly Right you've got to do this stuff on the Fly all of the time, so let me just go here and I am going to get this, I am going to get this I am learning a brand new system but we have got it going on. 


So as I go to the break here what I just want to let you know about is that if you can change your mind set and I mean really change it, from a perspective of having a whole lot more patience than you actually have it's going to definitely make a difference. So as we go to a break here just keep that in mind and those of you that are just getting in go ahead and give me a comment in the chat and let me know that you are in, and I would love to talk to you guys I will be right back after this break.


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Earl: Alright guy’s thanks so much for keeping it locked right here I definitely appreciate you guys that are in the chat room and thanks for the comments that are coming in. If you are just tuning in go ahead and leave me a comment so that I know that you are here, and obviously, we are tuning in over on steps to voice over and thanks, everyone that has followed me over. 


If you have not and as you heard there and if you didn't know over quarterly is going to be coming out and it's probably going to be about next week is when I am going to release it. So you want to make sure go ahead and bookmark the website, and let us know that or, yes go ahead and book it bookmark the page because that magazine is going to be coming out.


I want to send out a special thanks as well to everyone that has gotten the book. Steps to Voiceover Success I mean the comments and the reviews that have come in have really been amazing to me and I definitely appreciate that. If you have gotten the book already please go over to Amazon and give review it's an ask of me, I am asking that of you to do that it means a lot and especially in the Amazon rankings we are still in the Amazon top 100, and I just want to see how long we can keep it there and your reviews make the difference. 


If you haven't got the book go over and get it and leave your review there as well Lenny what's going on man yes it took you a minute to figure it out, just got the book oh thanks Lenny I appreciate that thank you for getting the book. Also make sure Lenny once you've read the book go ahead over to Amazon and give an honest review I am not asking for any specific review I am just asking for an honest review of what you think of the book so I definitely appreciate that. 


You know in the book I talk a little bit about; a little bit I talk a lot about marketing in the book Steps to Voiceover Success. And one of the things that I realized that I need to dig into more and I am going to be producing blog post and everything else around this. One of the biggest hindrance is I think from people building their voice over careers is the lack of patience, the lack of patience to build it. 


Even though I know I say a lot this is a marathon and it is not a Sprint in the back of our mind because of everything that we see every day online and the things that we read and all of the ads that we see, it's like we are supposed to just blow up overnight we are supposed to just be it and at the top of what it is that you know whatever the industry ran. And since we are talking about voice over we feel like we are supposed to have this six-figure income within the next 3 month or 3 to 6 months we think like we are to be doing it. 


And I hear it in the background I hear it in the background from all of the different Consulting that I do each and every day with you guys it's in the background of what it is that you are talking about. And when I hear certain things like you know people that are using the mailshake strategy as we call it now I guess that's just what we coined the phrase, the milkshake strategy which is the email strategy I have developed. 


You know people will say things like well I didn't get any you know feedback yet, and I will be like well when did you start sending out your email oh last week, dude Lady this is a marathon it's not a Sprint and the let's just keep it real here most of the people that we emailed don't care I want you to understand that. Most of the emails that we send that the people get they do not care. 


And it's for a couple of different reasons and I am going to go through a couple of those different reasons. First of all, a lot of times when we reach out via email or we reach out via social media we do it the absolute wrong way, and I talked about that at the top of the show we do it the absolute wrong way because we go in begging as opposed to go in giving. 


You know one of the strategies that I have taught and you can use this whether to email and you can use it on Instagram and you can use it on any platform that's out there. The DM's the direct messaging ability that is available on a site like Instagram is one of those things that is absolutely amazing. Another thing another strategy that I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk he is a virtual mentor of mine I listen to this guy everyday literally every day I listen to Gary Vaynerchuk. 


And oh gosh I guess maybe about a year ago now he was sitting in a barbershop and he was telling people how to use Instagram in order to get clients and what to do, and I have talked about this before but I think it pertinent to bring it up again, because believe me I understand when you are stuck struggling and you are not going fast enough and you want to quit your job and you need some more money and you just want the money to start coming in so you deploy strategies that you think will work to get you money tomorrow and all of them fail. 


So here's the thing let's use Instagram and believe me you can use this strategy anywhere. Gary Vaynerchuk taught that he is sitting in the barber shop and he is getting his haircut, and he is literally on his phone showing you this strategy about how to use Instagram to get clients. I will use one of his more recent ones I was listening to him coming into the studio today and he was saying look go make a list of the 100 people that you want to work with, make a list. 


Now you know what as I am saying this I know none of you are going to do this but I am going to say it anyway because may be the one or 2 people that actually do this are going to win, but I know that most of the things that I talk about that work take a heck of a lot of work, and that's the thing that no one wants to do no one wants to have the patient and no one wants to go through what needs to be gone through in order to actually develop and groom a client, they would rather just get it now and it just does not happen that way. 


Now make a list of the top 100 people or companies that you want to work with and put it in a spreadsheet Excel you know Google whatever you want to do. Go and research those people and find out you know what their Instagram account is, and you can research this right on Instagram and if you can't find them on Instagram here's what you do, go to Google and type in their name and put Instagram behind it and that should pop up something and if they are not on Instagram then they are not on Instagram let's move on. 


Now what you do for instance if you want to work with, and this is an example that Gary Vaynerchuk gave me. If you want to work with The Rock and you know you are a T-shirt designer, you guys know who The Rock is right Dwayne Johnson. You want to work with this guy and you are a t-shirt salesman, and you go on Instagram and you go to Rocks page and you say hey Rock would you wear my t-shirt, no he's not going to wear your T-shirt but if you go on there and you look at his last 3 post look at the last 3 post that The Rock made in this example and you use this for your client okay. 


Look at the last 3 post on Instagram or whatever medium you are using and put in some comments relating to what it is That post is about some intelligent comments okay, and then after you have done that then what you want to do is go to the DM feature in Instagram and if you don't know how to DM on Instagram Google how do I DM on Instagram and go figure that out it will take you a couple of minutes to do that.


So now you go to the DM feature you direct message The Rock, hey Rock I see that you have got a new movie coming out can I make some free posters for you. Do you know how quickly that will get a response as a supposed to Hey Rock can you wear my t-shirt so I can make some money on this thing. Use yourself as an example on this one here, how much attraction would you get DM-ing people in Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn and saying hey I am a voice over artist Can you hire me to do some of your work because that's essentially what most people do is that. 


But when you change your mind set and you actually have patience and you are willing to do the work and take the hours and the days and the weeks and the months and the years that it's going take to actually grow your voice business. And you starting DM-ing people in that same scenario and that same examples that I gave for the Rock.


Let's say just for example there is a production host or there is a video production host or explainer video company right in your city. And you go on their Instagram or whatever and you start commenting on the last 3 or 4 5 or 10 post that they have made, and then start that conversation and then DM them hey you guys are doing some amazing Productions over there can I offer you a free voice over on your next project. 


Do you know how many relationships you could develop if you spend 4 to 8 Hours on a weekend doing this and deploying this strategy, is every one of them going to work no but all you need is one it's the same way in email marketing and everything else I am going to go much, much deeper into this over the weekend in the training class that I have at Steps to Voiceover with the folks that are in inevitable emerging results as well as voice over domination. 


I want to dig into this but it is about a mind-set of knowing and understanding that this is going to take time and it's not going to happen tomorrow. I have been a voice actor for 10 years in 2 to 3 years ago I actually got serious about it and dedicated, you guys that known my story and I've heard my schedule that I used to keep when I am working a full-time job as well as trying to build voice over, I mean I was working full-time at night and working full-time during the day on voice over to build my business. 


What are you willing to do and what are you willing to sacrifice and it took me 2 years of working a crazy-ass schedule to get to the point where I have gotten today where I am full time. Are you willing to lose sleep and I am not talking about this week, it's kind of like the whole losing weight thing and you guys may have heard on this, I am trying to lose weight well I am losing weight right now. 


And I am not going to lose the weight that I need to lose next week it's going to be a consistent effort and a process in order for me to get to the way that I want to get too, and it's going to take even more effort to stay there. So the mind-set that you need to have is one complete patience and complete, complete dedication because nothing else is going to work other than that. 


I want to thank you guys for tuning in and all of you that were able to find me today this is where you are going to find me all of the time. Could I ask you for a favour I would like for you to share this audio out right where you are, you can share it from the player I would like for you to share it. Those of you that are on iTunes I would so much appreciate you going over to iTunes and leaving me a review on iTunes on this podcast.


Over on iTunes you can find it Earl Hall Studio or in The Booth with Earl Hall I would love and I would so much appreciate you just have no idea how much I would appreciate that as well as sharing this out and go ahead and ticking that little heart that's right in your player right now I would so much appreciate that. Guys I believe in you and I believe that you can do this I just know that it is going to take a definite shift in mind set and to have some extreme patience over the next one to 3 and I am going to say that again. 


I don't care where you are in your voice over career right now for you to get to where you want to be it's going to take you the next one to 3 years and some of you 5 years to get there depending on how much work you are willing to do and how much complaining you are willing not to do; I believe that you can do it the question is will you. Thanks so much guys I appreciate you for being here and I will be right back here with you tomorrow same place same time right here at steps to voice over success for in The Booth with Earl Hall. Thanks guys so much I appreciate you and I love you guys you just don't know you have an awesome and amazing day and I will see you on tomorrow God bless.

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