Fiverr: Not exactly top notch freelancers here

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2018

This is a quote from a person on one of my FaceBook posts.  He boasts about his podcast, audiobook deals, and how he came up from nothing to be a successful voiceover.  He is very adamant about how freelancers that do work on Fiverr must be unprofessional.

This fiverr debate has gone on for years now.  Many in the voiceover community have stated that...

  • people are keeping negative lists of freelancers that work on fiverr (never seen that list)
  • freelancers on fiverr are beginners (but so many people on fiverr make 6 figures)
  • freelancers on fiverr dont do good work (ever checked for freelancers on google and seen the same)
  • you will not be respected if you do work on fiverr

All of this is complete nonsense.  It's like every other place you could find a freelancer is an answer.

Let's be honest.  You can come across a lot of freelancers on fiverr that will not be able to do the work you request.  This is either because they may not have the skill, they may have bitten off more that they can chew, or the buyer made a bad selection to try and get off cheap.

Fiverr along with other freelance sites get a bad rap because of the price wars that go on.  Freelancers bid against each other based on price (I NEVER do that and dont suggest it) and that can cause its own issues.

Sure we have people in each market that attempt to use price alone as a way to get business.  They will do an enormous amount of work for $5.  The truth is...

That is their right.  Freelance sites are a market place and we all compete the best way we can.  If the only thing you have to offer is your work based on the lowest possible price, then that is a hard thing to sustain.   Especially if what you do takes a lot of 'actual' work.

My main issue with all of this is this.  Calling every person on any platform unprofessional is simply crazy.  There are tons of great freelancers on Fiverr (along with a few that can make a bad name for the whole site).

What is simple frustrating...

Many people complaining about fiverr or making fun of it, have never even used, seen, or done work on fiverr.

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