How To Use Social Media for Voice Over

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2017

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I wanted to come back and just really talk about what it is that I feel needed to be talked about which is social media marketing.  I think so many people get this thing Twisted, they get kind of bent out of shape when it comes to what am I, how am I actually supposed to use social media to get done what I needed to get done. 


I am trying to grow my voiceover business here Earl how do I use this thing in social media to really started getting clients and doing the things that I need to do?  Let's just be honest make some money. Well, what I want to clear up for you and there are a couple of things that I must dispel here.  There is a mind shift, a mind-set that I definitely need to change in a lot of people. 


Social media is not the place to sell.  I know that sounds odd because many of us get sold to on social media.  Many of us join courses and we take classes and we buy stuff and it's all because of what it is that we see on social media. Now here is where the rub comes in.  Yes, you can use social media to sell but not how it is that you are attempting to sell your services and let me tell you why.


Most people in voice over go on social media, they try and find people and they go post, “hey come and buy my stuff, hey come by my stuff.” Hey, I am a voice-over artist I can give you a great voice over piece come and buy my stuff, come buy my stuff that's what 90% of voice actors try and do to get clients on social media. What I need you to do is back up here for a moment. 


I need you to back up and I need you to really consider how it is that you use social media, and what it is that you want to see on your Facebook wall.  On your Twitter page.  On your Instagram, you know whatever it is that you are using. Let's just say, well all of you reading are probably voice actors. 


Imagine if an audio producer someone that could really you know be a benefit to you as a voice actor came onto your profile and started instant messaging you and saying, “I see that you are a voice actor and I do audio production, let's work together.”  How would you feel?  Let's just be honest.  How would you feel if every time you opened up your Facebook wall you had this audio producer saying hey come buy my services?  It wouldn't be appealing.  Would it? No, it wouldn't.  I can see you shaking your head right now.  It wouldn't be appealing at all. 

But what would be appealing to you? That's the question how would you like to be marketed too?   I will tell you the answer.  You want to be marketed to in a way that you don't even know that you are being marketed too. And here is how it would work better, with you being in the position of the buyer as opposed to the seller, and we will still use the same example of an audio producer. 


Say an audio producer would create a video on how to better audios and they posted that on their walls and on your wall, and maybe in some of the groups that you were in posted links to a video or a white paper or you know a PDF file or a blog, something that showed you a step by step process on how to go ahead and produce better audio. This way you wouldn't recognize that as being marketed to. 


You would only see that as helpful information.  I hope that you are getting where I am going with this. You would see that person as an expert you would especially if they create a lot of content especially if they were giving out tons of information for free, and they were running Facebook ads and the ads were showing up on your wall, but you wouldn't have any problem clicking on it because you wouldn't feel like you were about to be sold to. 


This is the same type of strategy and tactics that you must employ with what it is that you do. Now let's use you as a prime example because this thing of going on social media, and I don't care what platform you are on. This thing of going on social media and just begging people to give you a shot, saying hey I have got the cheapest price around.  Which by the way it's not a good look to have. 

But instead of going on to social media and saying hey come buy my stuff, come buy my stuff, why not try this out.

Let's just use LinkedIn as an example.  Say you are into eLearning and you love doing eLearning protects. Well here is my suggestion here is what I would do or here is what I do. Go to LinkedIn and let's type in eLearning in the search bar, before you even finish typing in eLearning it's already propagating and showing you some things that you can take a look at or click on.  This is within LinkedIn, but you can do this on Facebook or anywhere. 

So now you start seeing some things come up that you can click on for LinkedIn.  What you want to do is go and join some groups on LinkedIn that's what you want to do, you want to go and join some groups in the genre that you are looking to do business in. Alright and so I said eLearning.  Join some eLearning groups. Now, this is still not the time for you to start saying hey I can do all of your eLearning projects.  This is not the time for that.

You go in and you join these different groups and you start following the people that are in these groups, and because of reciprocity a lot of the times these same people will follow you back and they will follow you back based on the strength of your profile, so your profile on LinkedIn must be strong, it can't be begging and it can't be I am the cheapest guy or gal in town. 

You have got to present something extremely professional so that when people click on your profile they are going to see and hear the professional professionalism that you can bring to the table. Now, what do you do within these groups because it's not just about you following these people and starting to spam these people?  No that's not what we are talking about. 


You join the groups in eLearning and you join maybe 2 or 3 let's start off small, join 2 or 3 groups and then with that what you want to do is look at what the conversations that they are having are. Look at the conversations that are going on, look at the blog posts that are being posted and look at the questions that are being asked in these different groups. I daresay Beyond any shadow of a doubt that there will be a number of conversations that you can jump into. 


I also daresay that there will be a question or 2 that you will be able to answer and show your expertise.  It does not have to be just in voice-over.  You have got more knowledge than just voice over. And there are going to be some questions and some conversations that you can jump into that may have nothing to do with voice over but it is going to give you the ability to bring value to the group. 

It's going to give you the ability to show your knowledge and be seen as a thought leader potentially and an expert on subject matter that's already going on in the group.  This is the secret, and this is how you add value to what's going on. Not by going in there and saying hey I'm a voice actor let me do your work because this is what's going to happen. When you go with a mind-set of giving as opposed to a mind-set of getting and I am going to say that again. 

When you go with a mind-set of even as opposed to a mind-set of getting you are going to win because people are not going to see you as a threat.  People are not going to see you as oh here's another voice actor coming in and trying to sell their services, and that's how most of us are seen because instead of coming in and adding value we come in trying to take that's how you are seen.


You don't want to be seen as someone coming in trying to take.  You want to be seen as the person that's coming in to give.


Now let me tell you what happens when you give.  When you give, and you start giving value and adding value to these different groups what happens is this.


People start to click on your little picture on your little icon on your little logo whatever it is that represent you on LinkedIn which I suggest it be a picture by the way. They are going to click on your little head there and they are going to go look into your profile, and they're going to start wanting to learn about you and they are going to see that you are a voice actor. 


Now in their minds oh this may be a good person for me to stay in contact with because we've got some eLearning projects coming up, and this person just added some great value in this group and taught me some things that I didn't even know. Now, of course, it would be great if a bunch of the questions in there were pertaining to voice over but many of them may not be, but there is something that you can add to the conversation that should make you shine. 

Now whether we are talking about the eLearning industry or whether we are talking about explainer videos or television commercials radio commercials whatever, start looking in the different genres in voice-over.  Join groups on LinkedIn join groups on Facebook.


I want to get you to understand that this is a long game this is not a Sprint as you hear me say so many times.  This is a marathon. 

And this is a way that you can start to be seen as an expert and not a commodity.  All of this is key.

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