How Would You Like To Buy A Blockbuster Video Franchise?

So what does Blockbuster have to do with your voice over business?

Let me tell you.

Throughout the 1990s, Blockbuster was the dominant firm in the video rental market. By 2004, it employed over 80,000 people and had more than 9,000 stores worldwide.

By 2010, it had filed for bankruptcy. What happened? Netflix, a startup in the industry, grew to dominance with a new delivery system and business model. Ironically, Blockbuster turned down multiple opportunities to buy Netflix for just $50 million in 2000. In 2017, Netflix had total assets of over $19 billion.

Graham, Stedman. Identity Leadership . Center Street. Kindle Edition.

The significance of this to you as a voice over artists is huge. 

Much of the advice in the voice over industry in regards to business development is old.  It worked in the '90s but not anymore.

The landscape has changed and is ever evolving.  We no longer have to go into a studio to record.  We have our own home pro studios.

We no longer have to get an agent.  We represent ourselves.

Here is a kicker and what is now holding people back.

We don't have to depend on platforms like, fiverr, voice123, Bodalgo, VoiceBunny, and others.

We can go directly to the client ourselves and stop competing with THOUSANDS  of others for the same job.

Here is where you have to decide if you want to buy a Blockbuster or dominate like Netflix.

Hundreds of thousands of voice over artists have filled the market place and made a place that you are just a commodity.

We are in a time where a huge shift is about to take place.  A place that will either make your voice over business fail or explode.

These platforms that pimp you out to the lowest bidder have had their day in the sun at your expense.  Through charging you fees and or taking a cut of what you make.

Because of technology and access to each other, we no longer need these platforms.

We can now go directly to the end-user (just like they do).

We don't need to rely on them to get business.  

We can get the business ourselves.

Blockbuster depended on people coming into a location and getting a video.

Netflix gave us the ability to get the video now with no return date, no late fee, and no gas money.

In my 4 Step Framework For A Profitable Voice Over Business, I show you how to build a voice over business on autopilot without competing with anyone.

Wanna learn?


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