New Concept In Voice Over Marketing

I saw this image in my Facebook feed last night and it hit me. The reason that so many voiceover artists struggle is because they think they have no real options to get new clients. Thus…Same old thinking, Same old results. This simple truth is real on many levels.

Think about it. When we first get into this, we go straight to the pay2play sites. Many get frustrated with that and then do some more research. We scour YouTube and Google looking for information on how to get better. Next step we figure since we can’t get a gig we must not be good enough.

We hear every person on YouTube suggest coaching…and more coaching. So we get a coach to help us improve our delivery. Oh, but wait. Now we think we need that slick mic we see some top VO’s using. We get that and think oh now I’m ready (why do we look at a mic as almost the “thing” that will solve everything?).

But wait…there’s more.

We pay for courses and training on how to be a better voice over. Pay for more coaching, get an even better mic, kill ourselves for a whisper room, and still….


My dear friend not only is the focus wrong, but the thinking is very wrong. Sure you need good equipment and good coaching but how much money (that you don’t have) does it take? I mean we have people out here using a Blue Yeti microphone that are making a full time living in Voice Over!

OK, so here is the main flaw in your thinking. Once you realize that your voice over career is about 80% marketing the heavens will open for you. Marketing is the secret that you need to learn. Marketing is what will change the game for you.

I'm’ not talking about spamming people in your Facebook and Twitter feeds begging for work. No. What I am talking about is developing relationships with people that want what you have to offer. Going a little deeper there is a very deep psychological secret with that. You see people don’t buy what you do…They buy “Why” you do it (more on this concept in another blog).

My tried and true way of getting clients is email marketing. It took me a minute to get it though. You see, when you start email marketing directly to potential clients, it says that you are really ready. You have taken the helm of your career. You have stopped putting your future in the hands of others and you have decided to go for this head-on.

Until you realize that the old way of voice over is gone you will continue to spin your wheels. You will get more and more frustrated and you will ultimately give up.

Time to change your thinking…


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