The Key to Getting More Voice Over Clients Is Easier Than You Think…

As a voice over talent, you are a freelancer. You are responsible for creating a book of clients that your business is built on.


How is that going for you? Do you do the 4 simple things every day that guarantee your success?

  • Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Engaging your target Market on Social Media
  • Professional development

    This is the core. There is no real secret to this. If there is a secret sauce then it is simply this.


Every day you have to be willing to outwork your competition. The voice-over industry is just like any other. Sure you may not be the most talented, but if you are reaching out to 5 new potential clients a day while I’m reaching out to 10 to 20 a day…I win.

Let’s break this down


This is the oxygen of your business. Don’t do this and you die. Marketing is nothing more than telling your story. Telling it the people that want to hear it is the key. Who is your target market? What do you specialize in? No. The answer is not ‘voiceover’. Do you specialize in commercials? What kind?

Do you excel in long form narration? Great! Is that audio books or e-learning.

Think of it this way. If you on a Bugatti do you take it to just any mechanic?

Content Creation

For a voice over this is can be a tricky one. I mean how do you create content that your target market wants to consume? It’s not like they want to hear your process on audio editing right?

Content creation comes from selecting a niche and developing content just for that group. If you do voice over for video games then writing a blog or doing a podcast around that would work great.

Engaging your target Market on Social Media

This is where everything truly begins. bits about developing relationships. Be engaged in what your ideal clients are putting out on social media. Read their blogs, commenting on their Facebook posts, retweet their tweets. This is how you get on their radar. By consistently putting yourself in front of them, without saying please hire me every 5 minutes.

Are you starting to see why this is hard work? But it works.

Professional development

If you are not constantly trying to better yourself and your craft you will lose. There is always room for improvement. Coaching, mentoring, and education should be things that never stop.

Just ask Serna Williams or Michael Phelps if coaching is something they just don't value.

There is no quick 30-day program that holds the secret to all this. You simply have to #GrindAndDontQuit.

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