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These 3 Things Are Killing Your Voice Over Business


You have been in voice over for years and you are still struggling to get clients.  Why is this?

You see others that may not even be as talented as you pass you by.  You are frustrated and let's be honest.

You are even considering quitting.

This is truly sad because you are are a great talent and you are a beast when it comes to audio production.

But you still only get a few jobs a month and those jobs don't even get you close to being a full-time voice over.

What I am about to tell you may seem harsh at times but it is true.


If you heed this advice it may make the difference for you to live your dream as full-time VO.


1.  Lack Of Patience

This is hands down the biggest problem for you.  You are also telling yourself lies about it.

Building a successful voice over business takes time.  You may intellectually know this, but your actions are not lining up.

You watch all the YouTube videos, webinars, and read all the blogs that offer you tips and tricks on...

  • How to use P2P sites
  • How to use freelance sites (i.e. Fiverr, Upwork, etc.)
  • How to use LinkedIn
  • How setup your website
  • And slue of other tactics.

So, last month you listened to someone talking about Fiverr.  You then spent the next few weeks building that out.  Within 2 weeks of not getting major results, you start looking for something else because "that didn't work."

This month you see people in the 35 different voice over Facebook groups talking about Voice Bunny so you now you try that out (forgetting all about Fiverr).

Now Voice Bunny is not yielding a big payday so you are looking for something different.

Is this sounding familiar.

Building a real business requires a plan, not "tactics".

Tactics are useful ONLY inside of a marketing and sales plan.  

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

The lack of patience to develop a real plan with a strategy will keep you frustrated and broke.

Jumping from tactic to tactic expecting it to produce miracles is a fantasy.  It will not work!

Patience over time to develop a real plan that produces results is business 101.

Many VO's treat their business like a drive through.  They want it now and they want it fast.

So, how is your lack of patience working for you?


2. No Investment of Real Time and Money In Business Development

The most asked question I get EVERY DAY is, "Earl how do I build my voice over business?"

Not only does this show a lack of patience (as if I have some magic bullet answer summed up in paragraph) it shows a lack of understanding of business in general.

Most businesses take 2 to 3 years to build.  If that statement scares you refer back to point 1.

At the beginning of any business venture, a smart business owner does their research to see what it is actually going to take.  I am sure that any looking to start something like a McDonald's franchise does the following...

  • Google searches how to get a McDonald's franchise
  • Watches YouTube Videos from franchise owners
  • Goes to the McDonald's website for information
  • Wants to know what the investment will be.

Beyond that, they do even more research on what the costs are by asking the questions of the person that has the answers.  They also realize that there is a major investment of their time through training classes and even ongoing training even after they become an owner.

The investment of time and money is simply known and understood.

The problem with so many voice over artists is that they believe that they can build a voice over business off of FREE stuff.

In fact, when you see a coach offering real answers, you complain when there is a price tag involved to acquire that knowledge.

How dare you?

You want someone to spend hours, days, and weeks helping to build YOUR voice over business FOR FREE?

Do you honestly believe that someone you don't know is just going to spend all of their time answering your emails and DM's?

If this is your attitude then you are already mad at what I am saying.  If this is you then you will never be successful because you just want something for nothing and you are a user of people for your own benefit.

Sorry, not sorry.

What this tells me are a few things...

  • You have no clue about what it takes to build a business.
  • You do not respect the time and effort of others
  • You are not serious about building your business
  • You expect a successful voice over business to happen by osmosis

Most of all it tells me something deeper.

You are not willing to invest in YOURSELF.


Do I need to mention the fact the most failures want to blame everyone but themselves for the lack of results?  What about taking 100% responsibility for your success or failure.

If you don't actually execute and know that it takes time to build a business that is a problem.  Success is not...

  • In your coaches hands
  • Guaranteed because it is completely up to you
  • Given for free it is earned by YOU and YOUR efforts.

When it comes down to it YOU are responsible.  If you don't fully understand that you will continue to fail.


3.  Not Having a Proven Method That Produces Real Results.

As I stated in Point 1.  Tactics will never get you what you want outside of proven marketing and sales strategy.

Going week after week and year after year going from tactic to tactic has gotten you where you are.

Stuck and frustrated.

Building your business takes serious planning with an investment of time and money.  

There is no way around this.

If you do not know how to build a business then you need someone to teach you how.  I'm not talking about...

  • Which mic to use
  • Which DAW to use
  • Which interface to use
  • Which plugins to use
  • etc.

I'm talking about a proven business building strategy for voice over that works and produces results.

Do you have one?

If you do then great.

If you need one then here is what you need to do right now.

I have a brand new free webinar that lays out my 4 Step Framework for Profitable Voice Over Business.

This webinar lays out a proven strategy to build your voice over business on autopilot and without competing with anyone.

It is a one-hour presentation where you can see what it takes to build a real business and if us working together makes sense for you.

What I present is not a theory.  It is a proven framework that I have developed over the past 4 years.

I did this webinar about a month ago and people have nothing but rave reviews about it.  I have even added content that will simply blow your mind.

If you are ready to build your voice over business using a proven framework...

Click here to register.

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