Voice-Over Coaches Are Only Interested in the Money

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Over the past 3 years, I have heard this over and over again.  Heck, I have even said it.  There is this underlying attitude from new voice over artists and VO's that have been around awhile.  The attitude is one of laziness on the part of the VO as well as ignorance of how to build a business.

When I first started in voice-over I looked for information online and in books in order to grow my voice over business.  I even paid for courses.  Not to mention the countless hours I spent, and still, do spend on YouTube and Google looking for information.

But why is it so prevalent that when a voice over coach charges for information that we get our panties all in a bunch?

We say things like...

  • It's a scam
  • They are taking advantage of us
  • Why do they charge so much
  • None of this is going to work

I have come to realize that those words are more a reflection of the voice over talent than the voice over coach.

I spent over a year just simply pumping out information to help the voice-over community.  It was all free for the taking on YouTube.  I even did free evaluations and training just to give back to the community.

The thing is you also have people out there like Bill Dewees, Marc Scott, Mike DelGaudio, Dave Courvoisier, Mike Russel, and many more that have done and still do the same thing.  Give out information for free.

From YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts, information is prevalent on how to build a voice over business.

There seems to be a problem however when these same people run a coaching 'business' as a part of what they do along with being a voice talent.

Why is this?

Why have we demonized these people for building a business that in any other industry it is considered normal?

Producing content on a regular basis is not easy.  If you think it is, then please send me the link to your blog, youtube channel, podcast, or membership site so I can evaluate it.

Doing what these men and women do is not easy.  And frankly, it is something that most people would not even attempt to do.

Of course, there are different styles, marketing strategies, pricing, and services that they all have for the voice over coaching business that they run.

Your challenge is to find the one that resonates with you and how you like to learn.  That part is completely on you to make sure you do your research.  That research is super easy.  All you have to do is simply follow them, read their blogs, watch their videos, and decide if it is for you.

Here is the kicker though.

Before you sign up for a coaching program, you probably can find all the info on what you want to know already provided for free.  Yep, they have already given it away.

Some people think that if they sign up for a coaching program that there will be some secret revealed that will change their voice over career tomorrow.

The fact is that if you are looking for an easy button, it doesn't exist.  These men and women have spent years to develop their voice over businesses and there is no way you are going to duplicate their success without serious work over a few years.


Building a voice over business is hard.  Not many people will succeed.  You will succeed if you change your mindset on coaching and looking for the information yourself.  Believe me, the information is out there.

However, if you buy a course, pay for training, or research on your own, IMPLEMENTATION OVER TIME (YEARS) IS THE KEY.

Just imagine if you have hundreds or thousands of people emailing you, calling you, texting you, skyping you, IMing you daily asking you how to build what you have built.

Would you spend 20 - 60 hours every week doing that for free?




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