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What You Are Doing To Build Your Voice Over Business Is Not Working...Is it?

Your worst fear is having to tell your family that your business isn’t working out and you’re going back to an old job.
Your second worst fear is to have a business that only scrapes by and isn’t really giving you the lifestyle and opportunity you desire.
But you won’t tell anyone that you have the second fear because it would mean admitting that you can do better in your business.
Admitting that you’re not at full capacity and you have a lot of room to grow.
See, according to a recent poll, MOST voice over artists make less than $25K a year.
Which isn’t an enough to make your wildest dreams come true.
The second biggest group is VO’s making in the mid to upper 5-figures.
You can live an OK lifestyle at that point which is why most VO’s get “stuck” there.
They’ve got some nice things, they’ve been in business for a while, and they’ve got this confidence about them.
But they are unable to scale past the upper 5-figures.
What was working in the past is no longer working and now they’ve plateaued.
This is what I call the “mid-5-figure barrier,” and almost every voice over I know has gotten stuck there for some period of time.
So, instead of doing what you’ve been doing and hoping for a different result- try this:
1) Create a 3-4 step customer journey with one offering so you can solidify yourself as an expert.
Because it’s easier to market to one niche instead of spraying and praying.
Makes sense, right?
For most voice-overs, this step alone doubles their revenue.
Go ahead, try it!
2) A marketing campaign that demonstrates your value to your potential prospects and then asks them to buy from you.
Most VO’s go from an ad, post, blog, whatever straight to “buy from me.”
They don’t demonstrate to the customer that they’re worth buying from.
These two steps combined have literally 10x voice over businesses.
I’ve created an audio training that leads you to a step-by-step on how to implement each of these things in a lot more detail.
But this training is only for VO’s who are ready to admit that they MUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT RIGHT NOW to see immediate results.
It’s completely free.
There are no strings attached. And if you liked the training, I’ll even let you schedule a free consult with me so I can walk you through this stuff 1on1.
If you know you need to do something different right now, you’re ready for more, and if you want to know how to leave the 5-figure life behind and scale to 6-figures, click here to watch this training video before it’s taken down: https://earl-hall.mykajabi.com/confirmation-page-17105155-2064-4c38-a88d-07ebcfafe654

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