Why Are So Many #VoiceOver Artists Getting It Wrong? Is The #VoiceOverCoaching Industry Failing Us the #VO?

So I'm scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning.  I am seeing post after post (or should I say ad after ad) from #voiceovertalent looking work.  Along with that, I am seeing the same for #voiceovercoaching programs (you like how I'm using (#)hashtags in my blog aren't you LOL).

My question is, "where is the actual content without the sale?"  Sure I have posts selling my book, my magazine (actual magazine, not a paper.li link), and my coaching program.  But even more than that I am simply sharing information and life-changing (little brag) content.

When I see a #voiceactor begging for work on #twitter in every post it is disturbing.  But is it their fault?  Well yeah, it is.  I mean they posted it right?

What I mean to say is that they probably don't know any better.

It seems as if everyone is looking for a quick sale.

What I want you #voiceovercoach and #voiceovertalent to do is stop for just a moment and consider your own actions.

When you are on social media, how many ads do you click on?

When you get an email selling you something, how many times do you click on it?

When a commercial comes on TV, what do you do?

Just take those examples and really think about what you do.  Isn't the reality that you hate being sold?

OK, so why do you try and sell in the exact same way that you hate being sold too?

Oh, I forgot one.

When you get a call and there is dead air and you realize that it is probably a sales call, do you wait and stay on the line or do you hang-up?

Either Produce Content or Document Your Journey

#GaryVee is someone I follow regularly.  He teaches the new #entreprenuer to document over create.  What does that mean?

Let me show you as a #voiceactor how to do this.

Grab your phone, set it up on a tripod (or just prop it up dude), turn on the video camera, and start recording your daily activities as a #VO.

Literally, document your journey to becoming a successful #voicetalent.  Throw it up on @Youtube, @FaceBook, @linkedin, and @Twitter and share your journey every week.

You can also do a #podcast or write a #blog covering the same things. 

What this will begin to do (if you are good at it) will give you stuff to post that is relevant to what you do.  It will draw in attention to you and opportunities will come your way.

NO, not tomorrow.  They will come over time.

You can document how you are learning your DAW or why you bought the mic you got.

You can even teach others how to use their gear because you now know how to use it.

You can record yourself using your gear and DAW showing the ins and outs of what you do.

You literally can become a go-to person for things you master over time.

Making videos and writing blogs or even making a podcast can get you noticed in ways you will never even believe.  It will also help you stand out as a #VO and not be seen as a commodity.

So What About Us Coaches?

Let's be honest.  Coaching is tough.  Only small percentage of the people we coach actually do what we say.

Too many are looking to press the easy button and not do any work to build a career in #voiceover.

I see it every day.  

But those 1 or 2 that we see really dig in and do the work and get results because of it, makes it all worth it.

Those people that we see willing to #grindanddontquit cause us to even put in more effort with them (a least I do).

Working with people that 'get it' and know that it takes a lot of hard work.  Not an easy button or magic pill gives us the motivation we need to give them even more.

There really is no information out there that can change your life or grow your voice over business.

Only you.  The #VO willing to take the next 1 to 5 years applying good information and training will make this difference.

If you have a #voiceover business or are a #voiceovercoach.  If you fail or succeed is completely up to the person in the mirror.

To take from Smokey the Bear and flip the meaning a bit....


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