You Don't Need Another Voice Over Tip Or Trick To Get Clients

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2019

You Don't Need Another Voice Over Tip Or Trick To Get Clients!  You need a diagnosis of the problem as to why you are not getting more and better voice over clients.

Transformation of your business does not come from a tip or a trick.  Every day I get emails and DM's from people asking me, "Earl how do I get more clients?"

That one question has no real answer for everyone that asks it.  I can not provide value at all in that type of question without being able to dive in, diagnose the real problems, and then give specific guidance.

That answer takes a lot of time to answer for every person that asks it.

People that understand business development know that it takes time to build a business and doing that is going to take a lot more than posting a question in a Facebook group.

When you have been in voice over for 2-5 years and start to make money, you realize what it took to just get to that point.  You realize the hours, months, and years it took to get where you are.

It was not easy and no one thing got you there.  You committed to build it and make it work.  You have tenacity and patience to know that this is a long game, not a quick road to success built on random posts and quick answers.

One of the biggest blocks to success is thinking you ought to get it quickly.  No course and no coach is going to get you there in the next 90 days.

But you already know that.

So what is the answer?

During the time that you are growing your voice over business, know that you will have to become laser-focused on marketing and sales. 

You already know how to do voice over, edit your audio, and you understand how to use your DAW.

Now is the time where you must understand how to do just one thing.

Get the clients!

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