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VOICE OVER ARTISTS: You Need An Actual Outcome Not More Information

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2018

Building a voice-over business is tough.  Heck, any business is tough to build.  There is no lack of information out there on this topic, but an actual defined outcome, I mean literal results, seems to elude most.

In the voice-over community, there is no shortage of YouTube videos, blogs, or podcasts filled with information on how to build a voice over business.  In fact, there are over 100 groups and pages on Facebook alone that claim to serve the voiceover artists (how many do you belong to?).

There is just one problem here.  What are the outcomes being produced by any of them?  Are you as a voice actor, not just being overwhelmed with information?  But are you actually getting an outcome?

If you are honest with yourself, you are looking for the outcome of more clients and more money.

Why aren't you seeing this outcome?

Before you start blaming the information, the coach, or the Facebook Group, I want you to really start taking a look at yourself.  We already established that there is no shortage of information.  The problem, if you are still struggling, in many cases, comes done to your ability to execute on that information.

  • You bought the books
  • Went to the conferences
  • Watched the webinars
  • etc

But nothing has changed for you?  If I am sounding a little judgemental, sorry, not sorry.  If this makes you a bit upset.  Good.  I want to at least try to shift your thinking here a bit.

When you are an entrepreneur, you are the only one you can blame.  You are the one that started the business.  You are the one building it.


The buck stops with you no matter what.  You see with the access to all this information.  With there being no middleman between you and getting clients (unless you let there be).  With there being no barrier to entry and a completely level playing field, one thing is clear.

Either, you don't know how to build a business and/or your skills in voiceover just aren't good.  Remember, you have all the information just like everyone else.

Even with all that only a small fraction of a fraction of voice-over artists will ever "make it".  I know this all sounds a bit rough.  I mean it to.

There is one simple fact.  You will either make it or you won't.  You will either commit to getting an outcome for your voiceover business of more clients and more money or you won't.

Which is it?

Here's a thought.  You may know that I do not believe in cookie-cutter programs.  If you are a voice over that has taken courses or watched YouTube videos you have seen a bunch of tactics.

The thing about all of that...

If cookie-cutter programs actually worked...

Then wouldn't every voice over be earning 6+ figures already?

If you seriously want to know how to get off the hamster wheel and start building a real business...

Check out this playlist.  The answers are there.


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