Demo Production Services

You need to sound amazing right?  You need to land the gig, nail the audition, get the agent, and be known as a VO Pro.
It all starts with a Voice Over Demo that shows you can #CRUSH IT!
We have the best original scriptwriter in the biz...
Conchita Congo
"I write original scripts tailored just for your voice, style and genre." 

Joe Laber here from Troy, OH (Dayton, OH metro market). I am so EXCITED and ready to work w/ALL of you professional audio, VO and copywriting peeps!!! Let's MAKE IT HAPPEN...NOW and BEYOND!
 "I will copy write an EAR-CATCHING script tailored just for YOU!"

Our post-production team featuring Carlos Flood - Pro audio engineer and post-production specialist with over 20 years in the industry.
“I will add the magic of Hollywood-professional postproduction, mixing and mastering specialized for your demo.”

Your #1VOCoach and marketing guru - Earl Hall that will work with you on a one-on-one basis to get the best voiceover read for your demo...

"Your #1 Job as a voice over is to GET THE CLIENT"


This team has worked on national campaigns, movie production, TV ads, Radio commercials, Government projects, as well as National Conferences.
We produce #YourBestDemo spots that bring your voice to life. Our production and post-production team create demos for your style and focus in the industry. We create demos that not only stand out, our demos inspire and tell a story.
Our post-production #GrindAndDontQuit Crew has worked on feature and independent films, music production and recording for international artists, national brands, radio imaging spots, tv commercials, and much more.



Listen to "Earl Hall Studio Production Reel" on Spreaker.


Earl Hall Studio LLC work with professionals in the industry with over 100 years combined experience writing for major brand names in the industry to our #1 rated production team...
Earl Hall coaching you to the best demo read for your VoiceOver to our post-production Specialist Carlos Flood with over 20 years of experience working out of Hollywood.

In addition to creating outstanding VoiceOver productions this team has worked on national ad campaigns, national conferences, government projects, major and independent movie production/post-production, TV ads, radio commercials, major label recording artists, and much more.

Producing great audio is simply what we do.

Our demo production will make you sound like the VO Pro you are with #YOURBESTDEMO.

Want one?

Demo Creation $850


● Up to 3-hour session of coaching (over 2 days)
● Custom script production and direction for demo
● Selection of effects and music
● Mastered version of 1 minutes demo in mp3 and wav format

 Yep, I want it!

 As soon as payment is made you will be taken to our calendar to schedule the production of your demo.




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