One On One Coaching

Like any professional, ongoing professional training is a must.  When you are looking to get coaching in voice-over you want to get it from a person that has gone down the same road as you. I have been in the voiceover industry since 2004 and I have seen it all.  If there is one thing that makes me different from any other coach out there is that... I BELEIVE YOUR NUMBER ONE JOB IS TO GET CLIENTS. What I can show you is far beyond just delivering a killer script.  I want to show you how to make an actual living from voiceover. My voiceover one on one training sessions can be done with anyone across the globe.  My one-hour coaching sessions for voiceover are done via Skype Video. Book your one-hour session with me now.

As soon as you purchase your session you will be immediately taken to my calendar to book the day and time.


Demo Creation ($650 one payment or $750 split into 3 payments of $250 each)

● 3-hour session of coaching (over 2 days)
● Custom script production for demo
● Selection of effects and music
● Mastered version of 1 minutes demo in mp3 and wav format
● Get put onto the voice roster for potential jobs ($35/year for hosting demo and

CALL NOW TO GET SET UP (414) 377-0530 OR EMAIL [email protected]


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