Why are you being a copycat?

What is holding you back and stressing you out?

Is it leads?  Is it your marketing?  Is it having a proven and tested plan and business strategy?

There is no reason for you to struggle and work your ass off and be in fear of not making enough money any more.

 You already know that what you are doing is not working...right?

Want to see how you can finally build the voice over business that finally gives you freedom and confidence so that you never have to go back to regular 9 to 5?

I'm Ready Earl. Show Me The Way

Earl this course has been so beneficial, Ive decided to make VO my life and you've made it not only seem possible but given us all the map. I thank you so very much and can't wait til the next training with you.

-Kimberly Linzy

Super thrilled to have just accepted my largest book contract yet for a new novel called, “Son of Influence” by Erik Lewin.

Made almost $1000 Over the last 2 days. Pretty awesome!

Thank you Earl Hall as always for your training.

-Anthony Pica

It was easy to trust Earl's methods because they are the very same techniques that Earl employed as he grew his own business. He teaches what he knows - what has worked for him!
Most importantly, his approach to teaching is highly professional & he delights in helping others to grow.

Earl has given me the confidence to elevate my skills so that I can finally move from feeling like a part-time voice actor relying on "cattle call" auditions to building a professional brand that entices the high end clients I desire.

-Conchita Congo

Even with being unable to voice things for over a month now, it hasn't stopped me from getting my ducks in a row for marketing. I have a stack of jobs now to keep me busy until November because of what Earl has taught. They are just waiting!

I feel like a #GrindAndDontQuit Evangelist!

-Thomas Machin

I'm so grateful for a piece of advice Earl gave us. It was early enough to where I was able to use it from the very beginning.

It was simply to not pursue those extremely low paying jobs.

That we've invested time and money and therefore are professionals.

Thanks, Earl. I can't imagine the amount of time and effort I would have wasted.

-Albie Robles


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