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The Proven System That Has Helped Thousands Across The World To Build A Successful Voice Over Career.

This package gives access to the private coaching videos on this site.  These training videos are not available anywhere else.  It is our most popular package and offers the most value.  Your #1 Job as a voice-over talent is getting clients!  Let's Do It.

IMPORTANT: This package DRIPS OUT TO YOU OVER 90 DAYS voice over training not available anywhere else. This course of almost 20 hours gives you what it takes to get into voice over and start making money. A Block of NEW videos released ever 30 days over the next 90 days.


to give you time to implement all that you are learning. Honestly, there is simply no training like this out there that will take you from voice over beginner to professional.

Your #1 Job as a voice-over talent is getting clients!

  • Home Studio Setup Training
  • Professional training on Adobe Audition
  • Professional training on Waves Plugins
  • Professional training on Audio Editing
  • Professional training on Audio Processing
  • Professional training on Audio Mastering
  • Professional training on On Voice Over Marketing
  • Professional training on Direct Email Marketing
  • Training on how to get work on Freelance Sites
  • Training on Instagram Marketing and ads

This package gives you full access to voice over training not available anywhere else.  It is our most popular package and offers the most value. Your #1 Job as a voice-over talent is getting clients!

It is meant for you to dig in and execute the lessons presented.

The lessons on script interpretation and how to deliver a Voice over reading are extremely valuable to show you how to do a natural read.

With the audio production videos, you will learn how to set up your recording space and how to set up your DAW for the best possible sound.

The marketing videos are in my estimation the best.  These marketing training videos will show you how to market your voice over business like a Mavin.  Your #1 Job as a VO is to get clients!



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Tactics & Strategies: Getting More Voice-Over Clients


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Become an Audio-Engineer
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Advanced Training - Royalty Deals on ACX
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How to Starting Your Voice Over Career
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How To Set Up Audacity and Record Professionally
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How To Grow Your Voice Over Business with LinkedIn
Wagu1hlrqesgfp1wrp8s how to funnel voiceover clientsdirectly to you
How to Funnel Voice Over Clients Directly to YOU
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How To Make More Money On Fiverr: The Mindset
Ndb5zfwqj6sdkxthgduo the expert way 6
How To Create Facebook Ads For Voice Over
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How In 1 Day with 1 Order I Made $6300 on FIVERR



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