How I Made OVER $20K On FIVERR in 2018

What we’ll cover in this course...

  • How to get started on Fiverr with your first gig
    I will show how to set up your first gig, or restructure your gig, so you can start earning more. We will discuss title, description, gig extra’s, videos, demos, and the FAQ’s section. In short, how to set up your gig right! How to get started on Fiverr with your first gig

  • How to charge the right way on Fiverr to get more business 
    There is a lot of confusion around pricing on Fiverr. In this section, I will show you the best way to price your gigs so that you can start selling. We will talk about custom offers, gig extras, and how they are the built in a way to increase your overall price that Fiverr wants you to use.

  • How to use all Fiverr offers you to increase sales 
    I will show you all the different ways that Fiverr offers you help you gain more business. We will talk about all the programs Fiverr is offering in the platform and out as well as how to get a boost in sales automatically.




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